Friday, 24 April 2009

Golden Wonderful News - Golden Wonder Crisps

Advantages: These are the God of crisps

Disadvantages: Don't seem to be available outwith Scotland

Later in this review you will see my very simple, but tasty crisp recipe, involving Golden Wonder crisps. I love crisps. I seriously could live on these for the rest of my life. OK a health professional might have something to say about that. Now lets get back to Golden Wonder. I haven't seen these in years. I have missed them so badly. I have had to put up with supermarkets' inferior, although cheaper, own brands, and to get my fix of 'quality' Cheese and Onion I have had to go with Walkers cheese and onion in BLUE packets. BLUE, BLUE what is that all about. Everyone knows that the green packet means cheese and onion and the blue packet is for Salt and Vinegar. 
Now a recent trip to Glasgow brought me a certain type of pleasure unfelt for years. Picture if you will, the beauty of Kelvingrove Park on a sunny Sunday afternoon, it is packed with happy smiley people and the ice cream vans are raking it in... and I fancy an ice cream, so I head towards one of the vans. 
And through the window of the van I see something comparable to a mirage in the desert. It looks like... like... something familiar... a blue box with a familiar phrase on it GOLd.. I get a little closer GOLDEN.... something, and I get closer and see the words GOLDEN WONDER and because of the blue box I subconsciously see the words Salt and Vinegar. OMG it is a box of Golden Wonder Salt and Vinegar crisps. And I hope and pray as I move to the front of the ice cream van. And looking through the glass with its stick on pictures of Fabs and Cornettoes, I see The Green Box. the one with 'Cheese and Onion' (or was it Cheese 'n' Onion). 

I spent the next ten minutes walking through Kelvingrove park in ecstasy. Yes I know it is a sad thing to say. I was simultaneously eating a pack of salt and vinegar and a pack of cheese and onion. 

Which brings me neatly to my recipe: 

Get a huge bowl. 
A good DVD 
Bottles of Irn Bru (Barr's only, in a 'gless boatle' if possible) 
an equal amount of Golden Wonder cheese and onion crisps and Golden Wonder salt and vinegar crisps. 
Pour all the crisps into the bowl, give them a wee swirl and then eat them two at a time. 
Hopefully you will get one cheese and onion and one salt and vinegar crisp, which will give you a rather odd but pleasing flavour in the mouth not disimilar to picked onion. 

Don't forget to watch the DVD. 

Welcome back Golden Wonder

Summary: The most delicious crisps known to mankind

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