Thursday, 23 April 2009

Crabbit old men make me laugh Still Game

Advantages: Hilarious. Portrays the Glaswegian sense of humour without resorting to sentimentality!

Disadvantages: Might not appeal to an audience brought up on "typically English" BBC sitcom.

Anyone outwith Scotland might have blinked and missed this when originally aired. 

Sadly for the non-Brit watching British Sitcom, the broadcasters. especially the BBC, have painted us Brits as Middle Class, Middle-Aged and Middle-English in attitude and accent. 

Till now! 

Enter Jack and Victor! 

Old Aged, Working Class and Scottish! And crabbit as well. 

Not only Scottish, but Glaswegian and with that snappy, sometimes cruel, sense of humour to match. A comparison might be Last of the Summer Wine, for Jack and Victor have some doddery old mates to complement their quips. Unlike Last of the Summer Wine, Jack and Victor use real swear words. 

Jack and Victor's world is the multi-storey block of flats, dealing with neds, witty banter with the local publican and their friendship with the Asian shopkeeper Navid, played by Sanjeev Kohli . It is about the retired working class who don't have a tidy sum put away to retire to the country, but have to make do with a council estate. Their wives are departed, their kids live abroad and it would be all too easy to imagine the highlight of their day is a Tunnock's tea cake or a trip to the bookie's. It would also be easy to imagine their lives to be dull. 

Hell no! 

Jack and Victor get into scrapes, that would shame a young ne'er-do-well. 

This is an antidote to the Genre that included "My Family", "2point4 Children" and "The Good Life" that we have endured for years. 

And there is a saying I believe they use in Scotland that applies to Still Game... 

Funny as ****!

Summary: Essential viewing

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