Thursday, 23 April 2009

Wimpy are no wimps when it comes to satisfaction

Advantages: A hot plated meal with polite service, reasonably priced

Disadvantages: None really

I like Wimpy! 
I like being able to go in and sit down and browse their menu at leisure, in the full knowledge that I am going to order the same thing as I did last time. Frankfurter in a Bun with chips and a glass of coke. Their frankfurter is somewhat odd in that it is a sausage which manages to curl its way around the inner perimeter of the bun (or as we used to call it in the UK a 'roll'). So, I call it a 'bendyburger' because the sausage is bent, well not so much bent as they cut little slits in the sausage so that it will bend. 
the 'bendyburger also has a slice of (processed?) cheese in it, tomato ketchup and very finely chopped onions. 
Then the chips - they are always hot, soft on the inside and crisp on the outside and a delicious blonde colour. 
And the coke, well coke is coke. They dont fill half your glass with ice though. Service is always good in Wimpys. It is not as cheap as Mcdonalds and maybe a little dearer than BK, but the food is nicer, you are not rushed, and sometimes it is nice to have someone serve you.

Summary: Go there for a warm satisfying no frills lunch

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