Thursday, 23 April 2009

Holds it resale value! Canon Powershot A640

Advantages: Great manual control for a compact, 10 megpixels, fold out screen

Disadvantages: Relatively heavy. Noisy after 400 ISO, but hey, it IS a compact.

This camera holds its resale value! Great for when you want to move up. This camera has been known to sell second-hand at MORE than its retail value! These are well sought after. So if you can find a dealer who is still selling them at their retail value, well done to you. Otherwise you are looking at a second hand one from This compact is heavy, which is mainly down to the fact that it takes four batteries, which I personally think is a distinct advantage. Why? Simply because your batteries in all likelihood, won't die on you at that crucial press of the shutter. The telephoto reach is good and gets even better with the digital zoom, although as can be expected image quality begins to degrade - but not much. Noise issues? Well it is a compact, so don't expect BIG noise free prints. I personally persevere at squeezing as much as I can out of this camera at ISO80, and with attention paid to exposure, I do well at keeping noise low, but as far as compacts go the noise levels are reasonably well under control. Why this camera is still sought after is because of the manual control it gives for a compact. Manual focusing on a compact! WOW! It is great, but not perfect. This comes into its own when there isn't enough light for the autofocus to work. It relies on you being able to see the magnified image in the view finder screen. And this brings me neatly to the view finder screen which folds out and around if you wish. This is great for taking images in really awkward places and angles. E.G. you can lay your camera on the ground to look up at a building. In normal circumstances you wont get your head down to the viewfinder, but with the fold out screen you can compose the shot! Excellent! Officially you can't take RAW images with camera - unofficially you can but you need a software hack which Canon have NOT endorsed.

Summary: A fantastic, feature packed compact. get one if you can!

Image from Flickr user acroamatic Used under creative commons sceme

Michel Auer Collectors Guide to Antique Cameras 

In French and English

Includes:- 3 volumes, a price guide supplement and carboard surround for keeping the three volumes in one place. Not paginated, but there must be at least 150 pages to each volume - each item is numbered though. Volume 3 holds the index, part of which...


more info here

The Association of Photographers Fifteenth Awards book 

The Awards The Association of Photographers Fifteenth Awards Excellent book for any photographer. PACKED with some stunning work. You should be influenced by the photos included here... more info here.


Dixons World Of Photography Black And White Printing

Dixons World Of Photography Black And White Printing For anyone still interested in learning traditional photography techniques this book has become a sought after classic. The whole series of Dixons World Of Photography have been (and still are) regarded as the keystones of learning ... more info here

White Women Helmut Newton

White Women Helmut Newton Large hardcover book in dustjacket. A collection of images of Helmut Newton's. Large, approx 9 by 12 inches, over 110 pages. The book consists mainly of images with some German text. Publisher Schirmer/Mosel Verlag GmbH, 1992. see more images below. There is ... more info here

Photographic Lenses A Simple Treatise limited de luxe

A Simple Treatise Edition De Luxe by Conrad Beck and Herbert Andrews There were only 500 copies of this Edition De Luxe. There is no date, though I understand they were published in 1902 ... more info here

Nikon F 601 and F 601M Hove User's Guide F601

A practical manual on the Nikon camera, the Nikon F-601 (and also covers the F-601m)...more info here


On Photography Bernard Shaw

A MUST for students of both literature and photography. Hardcover in clipped dustjacket. With acceptable minor wear to jacket overall cond. is VERY GOOD. Buy with confidence! more info here











Pictorial photography in Britain 1900-1920 (catalog)


This sought after book will be a welcome addition to the library of anyone interested in early fine-art photography. Softcover in VG cond.more info here



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  1. I owned one up until wednesday when my house got robbed! So far I am looking to see if I should get something different, but no luck in anything that equals up to it.