Thursday, 23 April 2009

A great range of affordable clothes (H&M)

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Advantages: The range is good, it is ever changing. Staff are courteous.

Disadvantages: Sizing of clothes wildly out at times.

I like H&M. What is it I like? 
It is their range of clothes. 
Ever changing, up to date and strangely sometimes, not so up to date. 
They have a great selection of accessories and, most of all the clothes and accesories look good AND are not over-priced. Admittedly the quality is not top-notch and the clothes aren't as hard wearing, but common sense says you should take care of clothes anyway. The stores I have been in have been big, bright and airy. The staff have ALWAYS been polite and friendly. I don't know if this is a happy co-incidence or the recruiters are switched on, but I do find in general when a store employs younger people (and H&M it would seem generally do), many don't have the life experience to deal with your enquiry, in a mature fashion. This isn't meant to be some sort of ageist rant, just an observation. But it seems in this respect that H&M CAN get the staff, so to speak.

Summary: Good looking affordable fashion for all ages

Image by Flickr user slimmer_jimmer under the Creative Commons scheme

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