Friday, 15 May 2009

Crystal Medicine by Marguerite Elsbeth

Advantages: A thoroughly good read

Disadvantages: none

This is a great big thick book (about 240 pages). It is written with not only the beginner in mind, but the experienced will also gain something from this. This might be due in part to the less scientific and more subjective nature of this practice. 

It is all so easy to poo-poo this book from the section of society that thinks this 'sort of thing' is all a bit hocus pocus. 

I personally don't practice any 'new age' healing either on myself or anyone else, though I do find reading about this stuff compelling. I find many books like this to be very well written - they have to be - we are now moving out of that 'new age consumer' phase of the late twentieth century, and now entering and age where the optimism offered by the new age philosphy is perhaps taking a back seat to more basic survival instincts in this recession. 

In other words it may be a little more difficult for authors and publishers to promote this sort of book. 

This book was actually written in 1997 and this edition was reprinted in the significant 2000 and includes a beautiful 16 page section of crystals, gems and minerals. 

Now to the nitty gritty of the book. 

There is a LOT of info in here. Much of it is what I will call 'new age speak' and quite frankly went over my head, however it does get down to the core of the particular stones, gems, crystals etc and how you can use them in your method of practising crystal medicine. 

The first 130 or so pages weave a lot of ancient mythology and some modern mythologies into the crystal medicine paradigm - so you will find discussion on astrology, Norse mythology, Native American history even the modern day UFO mysteries make an appearance. There are touches of metaphysics and quantum physics skulking around in the subtext. 

Part two starts at page 134 and is essentially a large Stone Encyclopedia which explains the following detailed attributes for each item: 

Crystal system 
Cell salt 
Stone lore 
Medicine uses. 

There is also a good glossary, an appendix of crystal resources a select bibliography and a good index. 

I don't live a 'new age' life, however I found this book interesting. 

Currently listed on ebay for about £11 to £14 
As always I try first where you will pay between £4 or £6 depending on whether you bid or buynow.

Summary: Lots of info here. Will keep you busy.

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