Friday, 15 May 2009

Silky smooth deliciousness - Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate

Advantages: It is Cadbury's Dairy Milk, say no more
Disadvantages: none
What is it that is so satisfying about putting a lump of chocolate in your mouth?

It is nigh on a question you can't answer.

The scientists will tell us it has something to do with pleasure chemicals being released into the body to give us that rush of pleasure.

I know as children we always find sweet things delicious and desirable, and the good old Cadbury Dairy Milk is no exception whatsoever.

This was a treat as child, and I did have a handle on that. I knew that if I didn't spend my pocket money on these. but rather, treat myself every now and again, I would enjoy it so much more.

Taking off the paper wrapping carefully, and then trying to keep the lovely silky, shiny purple foil intact, was part of the ritual of eating one of these.

This was definitely a rainy day treat for me. I don't recall ever eating one of these while I was out playing. I would be sat in front of my granny's roaring coal fire, with a cup of cocoa and the Whizzer and Chips and this gorgeous bar of chocolate.

It would be pouring with rain outside, maybe snowing, or blowing a gale - grey and blustery, and I would be cosied-up with this deliciousness of chocolate.

Fast forward *?%$ many years, and I still like to enjoy my chocolate 'in style'. OK the coal fire has gone, but I really do like to cosy up with a bar of this when the weather is down.
Summary: 10/10

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