Friday, 15 May 2009

A good egg, but not for me. Cadbury Creme Egg

Advantages: They are just great if you have a really sweet tooth

Disadvantages: Far too sweet

The internet has made it possible for us to be a whole host of things more easily. 

Take for example auction sites such as These allow us to become shopkeepers, without having to go down the route of actually owning or renting a bricks and mortar shop. 

The digital camera means some of us can more readily call ourselves a photographer, and in conjunction with photo hosts and, we can call ourseleves photographers. 

And so we have the same situation with dooyoo. We can now call ourselves reviewers, without actually having to gain the attention of a large publication.

And what has this rambling got to do with a Cadbury Creme Egg. 

Well this: I never ever thought for once in my life I would write anything about a chocolate egg. And now I write for dooyoo, here is my chance. 

The thing is though, I can't stand the things. This has not always been the case. As a child I loved these. And yes I did see how many different ways I could eat them. Now that love has gone. 

For those that don't know what a Cadbury Creme Egg is: It is a hollow chocolate egg filled with yellow and white fondant, in such a way that when you crack it open, it looks like the inside of a hen's egg. It is also about the same size. 

If you care about your teeth, or more to the point, if you haven't cared about your teeth, these can be quite difficult to bite into. Once you have bitten through the chocolate - and there are many ways, this is part of the fun - you are presented with a really sticky, gooey fondant mess, which you must be careful not to spill anywhere, for it really is a messy. 

When I last ate a Cadbury Creme Egg in nineteen mumble mumble, I seem to remember the egg was joined in two symmetrical halves - one of the ways of eating it would be to try and split it down the seam, without spilling the messy fondant - not possible, hence the challenge. 

Let's talk about the taste. I imagine the chocolate to be delicious, but you just can't taste it because of the overwhelming sweetness of the fondant. Even if you manage to get some of the chocolate in your mouth without the fondant, sooner or later you will be eating the horrible yellow and white sickly stuff, which will just deaden your tastebuds to everything except sticky sweet fondant. 

The egg comes wrapped in a multicoloured foil and, like the Tunnock's Teacake, part of the joy of unwrapping it, is to keep the foil intact and try to flatten it out. If I remember, the design of the foil is in red blue and yellow, with a stylised, rather 1970s depiction of a hen, although the picture above says otherwise. Old age? False memory syndrome? 

I doubt I will ever eat one of these, they are just far too sweet for my 'mature' palate. Besides, the fondant tends to have a propensity for finding dental nerves I never knew existed. 

With all that said though I am still going to give the product 5 stars, because I do remember how enjoyable a Cadbury Creme Egg can be. I remember how much fun they can be and I also remember the joy of someone giving you one of these.

Summary: Far too sweet for me, but I know they are a joy, so 5 stars.

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