Friday, 15 May 2009

No witty headline required. This is simple and straightforward.. Batchelors Cup-a-Soup

Advantages: Quick and easy winter warmer

Disadvantages: Well it is not really soup.

Oh my word! 

Good old cup-a-soup. 

Do you remember when you were young and you would get dragged around by a parent everywhere? 

You would maybe get taken to an auntie, or your mum's friend, or one of your dad's buddies. They would be talking adult talk and very soon you would get bored stiff. So they would try and keep you entertained, whilst getting on with the adult talk. 

Well my old auntie, this is what she'd do. 

She would be in the kitchen and shouting through the gossip to my mum. Then what seemed like an eternity later, she would appear in front of me with, not so much a cup a soup, but a mug of cup-a-soup. An two slices of bread with butter - real butter none of this marge or spread stuff. 

This would shut me up for five minutes or so, and keep the moans of "I am bored, I want to go home" in check for five or ten minutes. 

I always used to appreciate this because my mum would never get cup-a-soup in. 

So what is cup a soup? 

It is a sachet of powder, which you put in a cup, add boiling water to and reconstitute into soup. There is some debate into how authentic it is as a soup, but there is no doubt, that on those days when you are starving cold and hungry, this is a really quick way of feeling nourished, warmed and a little cheery. they come in 4 sachets in a cardboard box and the variety of flavours is quite extensive, though I would recommend staying with flavours with no 'bits' in such as tomato. In fact I would say especially tomato as this is probably the flavour that is most like the real thing.

Summary: Not real soup, but for what it is, it is probably the best, so five star

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