Friday, 15 May 2009

Loose aboot the hoose (Loose Women

Advantages: Great lunchtime viewing

Disadvantages: Can't be criticised.

I like to have the telly on in the background, whatever I am doing, whether it be reading, writing my Dooyoo reviews, or even cooking. 

Right that is my excuse for knowing what Loose Women is! 

What is 'Loose Women'? 

It is what I call a 'gossip show' 

In essence, a panel of four celebrity women sit around the board and discuss topical items and will collectively interview their guests. One of the the panel acts as an 'anchor', introducing the guests, bringing up topics, doing the links and being a general Master (mistress?) of Ceremonies. 

I couldn't bear the concept when I first heard of it, and saw it. The idea of a load of gaggling women, crowing at each other about everyone else, just put the crown on too many stereotypes that reasonable feminism has been trying to extinguish. 

When I actually took the time to watch an episode what I found was snippets of very well thought out debate, balanced with a bit of fun, between guest spots. 

The current main anchors are the wonderful Jackie Brambles and the gorgeous Andrea McLean - they rotate as head of the show twice a week. 

They are supported by Lynda Bellingham, Lesley Garrett, Sherrie Hewson, Lisa Maxwell, Jane McDonald, Carol McGiffin, Coleen Nolan, Denise Welch, who, again rotate between each other to make up the other three. 

The ladies do get in to some heated discussions with each other, and it is interesting to note that they can't help leaking their political preferences, which can sometimes account for certain facets of their personality. 

Carol McGiffin for me is the star of the show. She can't help but rant about things in the modern world and she loves to get stuck in to the current government. The long running saga used to be Carol's lack of activity in the downstairs department, and her undying love for Russell Brand. This little entertaining morsel no longer features, as I understand she now has a man in her life. 

This is an antidote to the lunchtime gossip show of the 1970s, its name escapes me (Housecall)?? If anyone remembers the name of the show I meant, leave a comment. 

I thoroughly recommend Loose Women as a bit of easy, but entertaining viewing while you are having your lunch.

Summary: Well produced show, aimed at ladies, but can be enjoyed by anyone.

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