Friday, 15 May 2009

Ridged for your pleasure - McCoy's Cheddar & Onion

Advantages: They are cheesey and oniony

Disadvantages: They make you fat, especially when you eat six packs one after the other.

I can't leave these alone! Seriously! I am addicted to these. Allright that is taking it a bit far, but I am not really satisfied with buying just a teensy weensy little pack of the so and sos. 

I need to get a six pack of them. And when I say six pack, I don't mean the six pack that is 2x cheddar and onion, 2x ready salted and 2x salt and vinegar. I mean the six pack of Cheddar and Onion. (though saying that I had to put up with one of the multi six packs the other day, but that is for another review. 

We all know what a crisp looks like, but for anyone who hasn't seen these, they are thicker than your average crisp and ridged with it. This means you can nibble away at these in little chunks if you are so inclined. They can also be a little tough on your gums and palate. 

Now the flavour is out of this world - there is a good balance of cheese against the onion. Neither flavour dominates. You can taste both flavours in equal measure. 

I usually have two bags of these at a session, and sometimes when I feel like being kind to myself, I will have three sessions on the trot, which makes... a greedy so and so. It also means I have to get up off my lardy rear end and go and buy some more. 

Another way to stop yourself eating so many on the trot is to cut up lots of little chunks of cheese and eat them with the crisps. This is great, but it makes them taste too cheesy. You can balance this up with some finely crafted slices of raw onion. Yum. 

See my forthcoming review on mouthwash !!!

Summary: This is a lovely snack.

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