Friday, 15 May 2009

This doesn't drag on - Dragon's Den

Advantages: You might learn something about business

Disadvantages: none really

Have you seen Dragon's Den? 

It is a program that which shows us entrepreneurs going before a panel of venture capitalists, with perhaps an idea, or a product that hopefully will make money. 

These entrepreneurs need capital to get their ideas off the ground and it is to the Dragon's Den they come to get that money. They essentially have to pitch their idea convinvingly in the hope that the 'Dragons' will find their idea or product attractive and will offer them a deal of money and/or partnership. 

The negotiations are fraught with difficulties, sometimes contradictions and lies. When you see how the panel of Dragon's quiclky weed out the scammers, you begin to understand how they got where they are - not just by sniffing out a good business deal, but with a sixth sense for people. 

This programme throws up some excellent ideas, but some of the ideas will never make it onto the consumer platforms, simply because they ain't going to make the dragons any money. 

The programme also throws up a load of rubbish, and it is these points where a little humour is often injected into the show. 

What I like about Dragon's Den is that it is a little inspirational. OK, I know that I am never going to have the technical or business know how to get an idea in motion, but it does inspire you in other areas of life. 

There is a feeling about watching the program that gives you that get up and go to get all those things done that you have been putting off until tomorrow. 

This is an interesting programme if you are interested in business, wan't ot see how deals might be done and you also like the human interaction perspective. 

Give it a try. Plenty of repeats on channel Dave on Freeview etc.

Summary: Entertaining and education.

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