Friday, 15 May 2009

A pocketful of yummy stuff - Waitrose White Pitta

Advantages: A great way to contain all those messy ingredients you love to eat at once

Disadvantages: none

At just about 60p off the top of my head these are an absolute bargain! 

What is pitta bread? 

It is a flat bread, which becomes hollow when you warm it up. To prepare it, you simply pop it under the grill for five minutes. You can also use a hot oven. You can then split it with a sharp knife along the top edge. This leaves with a 'pocket' which you can fill with whatever you wan't. Why not just put the filling in a good old British roll? Well the pitta gives you more of a flavour of the food rather than the flavour of bread and the food - it is essentially an edible food bag if you like. 

Pitta bread is such a fantastic way of wrapping up a meal, and they are really easy to prepare, although I do find you have to get the timing just right or you either end up with something that is too soft, or something that falls apart when you try to split it for the filling. Inevitabely, the slightest second too long under the grill or in the oven renders these as nothin more than flavourless crisps. 

These come in a pack of six. I have no fault with them. Neither do I think they are the best pitta in the world - most plain white pitta breads bought in a supermarket are much of a muchness. What these have going for them, if you shop here is that they are relatively cheap. 

There is a serving suggestion on the back of the packet. Whether this changes across time or batches, I don't know. The pack I had suggested (in summary) cutting them into triangles, drizzling them with garlicky olive oil, baking until golden and serving hot or cold with a selction of dips. Now I haven't tried this yet, as unusually I don't have any garlic, or olive oil in. This, though is definitely one to try in the near future. 

However in the meantime I prefer my pitta with filling. These are some of my favourite ingredients for pitta - pick your own combination. Lamb, chicken, meatballs, falafel, raw onion, syboes, chilli sauce, diced cucumber, tzaziki, mint yoghurt, lettuce (cos or iceberg is a MUST), hummus, couscous... 

I have yet to try a pitta bread with something sweet in it, say bananas and a thick sauce or custard that won't run. Anyone got any ideas?

Summary: Well priced for Waitrose

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