Friday, 15 May 2009

Nothing Corny about this - Tesco Value Corned Beef

Advantages: It is great value and tasted good

Disadvantages: None, unless you are fussy about packaging

Its corned beef and it is only a quid or so. 

Sometimes when I go into supermarkets, my jaw drops at the prices of something as simple as the filling in a sandwich. Many cold meats, I find are actually quite bland and tasteless, and you usually need something else on there to give it a bit of a bite. Something like a dollop of branstons (or similar) pickle or a blob of brown sauce or ketchup. 

One of my favourite cold meats has to be corned beef, and it is simply because it does seem to have a bit of flavour. It is disappointing though when we fancy a sandwich and you go and look at the cold meats and are confronted with something like £2.00 for four slices!! You could buy a ready made sandwich for that, with much more filling, and save yourself a few minutes in the kitchen. 

When I say this Tescos corned beef, I had to snap it up! I can't remember how many slices you get with this, but it is definitely more than four. 

It tastes fine, each slice is about the same slice as a slice of bread, so the sandwich bit is easy. Apart from that though, one of my favourite ways of using this is with a meal - a couple of slices of this, boiled potatoes drenched with butter or marge, and a portion of baked beans. You can even use a tin of new potatoes to save on the cooking. 


Summary: A tasty and delicious part of a snack or full meal.

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