Friday, 15 May 2009

Don't keep it all to yourself just because I did! - Tesco Cheese & Tomato Flatbread

Advantages: Quick and easy to prepare.

Disadvantages: There is not enough in one pack for lil ole me

I am sitting eating this flatbread as I write this review - it is delicious, so I might be a while writing this review, fitting sentences between mouthfulls. 

OK I have actually decided to finish the bread first before attempting the review. 

I sill have the wonderful flavour in my senses, but I am going to start at the beginning - price and packaging. This cost just over a quid. Not quite a bargain, but not too expensive for a treat. 

The packaging is a plastic 'envelope' as you might expect. The first thing that caught my eye was the serving suggestion picture. Yes, you can see that they suggest serving this with a salad, but the image is not entirely clear - being one of those shallow depth of field images so prevalent in advertising these days. 

Just a little of the bread is in focus, but just what the salad consists of is not at all clear. OK that is not too important, but for the absolute newbie to cooking and entertaining, it might just help. It might also help the store get a cross-sale. 

Now down to the nitty gritty - the grub! 

It is so easy. Pop it in the over for five minutes - I didn't even wait for the oven to warm up. For the last minute or so pop a plate in there as well so you have a nice warm plate to serve it on. While the bread is warming, get yourself cup of coffee made. 

So simple! 

As you can expect it is a flatbread, not an imitation of a pizza. The amount is about the same as a small-medium pizza. I ate the whole lot to myself and still have room for a bit more. I think I prefer this to a pizza to be honest. I like the way the bread, although heated up, stays soft and doughy. 

The flavours are subtle, not as in your face as a pizza. With this bite you will get a tang of cheese and with that bite a little tang of tomato - yes it is tangy. This is going to be a regular thing for me now. 

I did have it on its own, but I am looking forward to having it with salad, or baked potato. I reckon this will be delicious in the winter with a bowl of minestrone soup. 

Oh yum!

Summary: A quick, easy and thoroughly tasty snack

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