Friday, 15 May 2009

Overlooked by my lust for Cheddar and Onion! McCoys Salt, Malt & Vinegar

Advantages: It is food

Disadvantages: Might be a little sharp for your taste

I have never been too keen on these. 

The flavour is too sharp and zingy for my liking. My normal preference with McCoys is for the Cheddar and Onion, and six pack at that. 

When I went to get my usual six pack the other day, they only had the multi flavour six pack consisting of 2x cheddar and onion, 2x ready salted and 2x salt and malt vinegar. 

My procedure when eating the multi six pack is to eat the ready salted, then the salt and vinegar then the cheese and onion. However I was so desperate for my Cheese and onion fix I went the other way. 

Now this is strange, when I got to the salt and malt vinegar, I actually found myself enjoying these. No really! 

I had never really appreciated the fact that they are not over salty, and I did try to get over the sharpness of the vinegar - in fact these were rather nice. I will admit though, I was a little hungry at the time and couldn't be bothered cooking, but yes, they were quite nice. 

I will be trying these again - well next time the shop runs out of the Cheddar and Onion!

Summary: Not a bad crisp

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