Friday, 15 May 2009

Tackle indigestion - Rennie Peppermint Tablets

Advantages: Taste nice and actually work.

Disadvantages: Sometimes, there is a horrible aftertaste.

These are a godsend! 

I spend quite a lot of time at the PC with one thing or another. Now two things happen as I am at the PC 

1. I tend to eat a lot, either by nibbling, or by having my lunch at the PC. 

2. As the day wears on my posture gets a little sloppy. 

I am sure it is the combination of both of these factors which leads me to get indigestion, not severe, but definitely to the point of distraction. 

This is when Rennie comes in handy. 

The pack claims this will relieve indigestion (acid, nevous...), heartburn, hyperacidity, flatulence and dyspepsia. 

They come in a pack of twenty four, in four of six plastic flat containers topped with foil which you pop through to get the to the tablets. 

The dosage is: 
2 tablets to be sucked or chewed as necessary, no more than 16 per day. 
Children (6-12) 
1 tablet as required, no more than 8 per day. 
They are not recommended for the under sixes. 

I generally follow the dosage and take two. although if it is mild or I can feel indigestion coming on, I will just take one, which staves it off. 

I prefer to suck them than chew them. I don't know why really. 

They do taste like peppermint - most medicines make a claim of having a flavour and just end up tasting like, well, medicine really. You can though from time to time get an awful aftertaste. Why this happens inconsistently I don't know. 

You will normally pay just below £2.00 for these, whether or not that is 'worth it' I don't know, I have nothing else to gauge it against. However, I do know that when I get indigestion it can be really annoying, so I always make sure I have a pack of these handy.

Summary: A good and solid relief from general indigestion.

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