Friday, 15 May 2009

As sweet as Sugar - The Apprentice UK

Advantages: Builds up well to a good ending

Disadvantages: none

15 candidates get the opportunity to win an apprentice-ship with Sir Alan Sugar, one of Britain's leading businessmen. And of course it is all filmed and edited into neat one hour packages for the consumption of the viewer. 

Each episode starts with the contestants being split into two teams, a team leader is appointed, and they are set a business task. The team to make the most profit wins a treat; the losing team go back to the boardroom where first, they along with Alan Sugar and his sidekicks Nick and Margaret, will thrash out what happened - essentially whose fault the loss was down to. 

The team leader will then invite two team mates back into the boardroom, where they will each argue their case as too why they shouldn't be fired. Finally Sit Alan will choose who he is firing. 

So there is the summary of how it works, but why is it good viewing. 

Well within us we all like to think deep down we know it all! 

So there is a little bit of us shouting at the telly "don't do it that way, do it like this" 

And some of these candidates are so far up their own pipe that their comments in pieces to camera are totally out of this world leading to high amusement and at the same time a little infuriation. 

How the candidates go about the tasks can be very interesting, and some people really get found out for their lack of business skills and largeness of perception of self-worth. 

But, it is the boardroom at the end. This becomes a real slanging match. If you want to learn anything about politics and self-preservation, this is the spot to watch. 

Add on top of this Alan Sugar's straight talking, and his sidekicks' dry honesty and you have an entertaining winner of a program.

Summary: Well made social entertainment

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