Friday, 15 May 2009 Close Encounters of the Third Kind fansite

Advantages: Well laid out. Should answer some unanswered questions

Disadvantages: Navigation a little unclear

Ever wondered what Roy Neary's house looks like nowadays? 

This is a real treat for fans of the film Close Encounters of the Thrid Kind. It should answer many unanswered questions you might have about the film and about the making of the film. 

Have your speakers switched on for the little soundbites. 

There is a very neat splash screen, with appropriate wording, clicking enter takes you to the introduction, which is heralded with a familiar fanfare. Once you have read the opening paragraphs, you will see another "enter" link. Click on that. 

This is where you get to what I will call the menu page. The graphics are great! Along the top is the main menu, which signify the sections of the site: 

The Movie 
On Location 
Pop Culture 

Along the bottom of the page are further links to: 

Forum (no longer working??) 

Each of these sections, might have further subsections; for example the Publicity section is subdivided into: 

Press Materials 

Now what you do need to be aware of when navigating this site is that it might be easy to miss much of the site, by simply not having your browser on full screen - one of the things I like about this site is that there is no scrolling about to look at info, instead there is a next page link. To see this link, you must have your browser on full screen, as it is tucked away in the top right hand corner of the page - not a problem once you know where it is and it does keep the page neat. I accidentally disregarded the music section because of this, thinking there was no additional content. There is also a "previous" link in the top left hand corner. 

I think this is a great site, and I am not going to spoil it by spilling out the content, as it is worth a visit if you have enjoyed this film. 

The look of the site, with its dark background, colour bars along the bottom and Close Encounters typeface, really do sum up the film. It is a neat and well laid out site. The visual content is attractive and the webmaster has made great use of existing material, and (I think) has also come up with some original unpublished material. 

The various sections are well thought out and packed with content. 

This site is well worth a visit.

Summary: An excellent fan site

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