Friday, 15 May 2009

Bury Black Pudding Slices - Back to black pudding. Not likely with this.

Advantages: It is black and it is pudding. Taste isn't too bad.

Disadvantages: Full of hard lumps of fat. Not enough spice, if any.

I really do like Black Pudding. God knows why - the whole idea of eating dried blood sounds so unappealing. And I have also seen it made on the telly. 

Seeing vatfuls of blood being poured into a pan brings home the reality of what you are devouring. 

I like black pudding with potato scones, bacon and clootie dumpling, when I get the chance to find that. Clootie dumpling is a light, steamed fruit pudding, which you won't find in the South (if you do find any let me know). 
When fried and served with the above ingredients, you have a wonderful sweet and savoury spicy dish. 

But back to black pudding! 

I was looking forward to tucking into this, with a little trepidation. It is clear to see that this is fatty. You can see the dots of white fat. Anyway, I fried it up and whilst it was cooking, could smell that familiar black pudding waft. 

Uncooked black pudding starts out as dark, pinky brown. The frying of makes it the familiar black colour. When this was cooked, it was of course the familiar black, but dotted with flecks of fat. 

I found myself picking bits of fat out of my mouth as I ate this. Gross as that sounds, lumps of fat in your black pudding just don't do it for me. 

How did it taste? Less spicy than I am used to. 

I seem to prefer black pudding that has come from North of the border. For one, you can get it in the chip shop up there deep fried in batter (surprise surprise) and it is delicious and smooth and spicy. 

I have since discovered that there are many regional variations in the recipes for black pudding and some use a lot of fat and some use much less, if any at all. Some put a lot of spice in and some, none at all. 

Although I ate most of this, I didn't enjoy it, and won't be buying it again. 

The best black pudding I have tasted which is available in the South is Hall's brand and The Co-operative's own brand - I'll be sticking with those.

Summary: Dissatisfying

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