Friday, 15 May 2009

Watching Me Watching You Big Brother in general

Advantages: Interesting and entertaining...

Disadvantages: ... steals a few hours from your life

Oh no! It is nearly that time of year again. You know? Where you spend your summer evenings in front of the telly watching other people enjoy themselves, rather than being out enjoying yourself. 

I remember a time when I used to go out in the summer evenings for a walk, or maybe for a pint. Then about ten years ago Davina McCall hot our screens with Big Brother. 

Right, it has nothing to do with George Orwell. It just borrows the notion of being watched, constantly. 

It is a contest with a big money prize at the end of it. Anywhere between 10 and 20 contestants will 'compete' over the course of the summer, the last one in the house after a series of evictions being the winner. 

Being the winner basically boils down to being the favourite out of the group of contestants and umtimately the public. The contestants, known as Housemates, will nominate each other for eviction, however many are up for eviction, depends on the numbers nominated. Ultimately the public, through the power of the phone-in, will decide who gets evicted each week. 

Big Brother is entertaining, and many will find it utter drivel. I have a love/hate relationship with this programme. Some of the characters are outlandish, some are dull, some are just normal. Whatever, there is a reasonable cross section of the public in there. Importantly though they must all compete, essentially using their personalitys to win over the public. 

This programme is usually controversial to some degree. The first controversy was Nicholas "Nasty Nick" Bateman, who tried to manipulate the outcome of the show. 

Big Brother has been criticised for not representing a good cross section of people. Since then we have had someone with Tourette's and a blind person. Conversely Big Brother was further criticised for exploiting those with disabilities. 

'Big Brother' who controls the show, will set the housemates tasks, impose limitations and dish out punishments. Often 'Big Brother's overseeing of te house will be humourous, but at times serious, even to the extent of kicking a housemate out of the house for a serious misdemeanour. 

This show is at once irritating and interesting and it is a must that you watch at least one episode, and learn whether you love it or hate. 

I do feel you should be doing better things with your life than watching this, but there is no doubt it is compelling watching.

Summary: In summary, as interesting as this can be, you will be better off doing something more interesting.

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