Friday, 15 May 2009

Pure Magic! - Jamie and the Magic Torch

Advantages: Its old fashioned

Disadvantages: none

This was made by Brian Cosgrove and Mark Hall - I suppose these were the answer to Oliver Postgate and Peter Firmin. It is animated rather than stop motion figures. It was shown in ITV regions between 1976 and 1979. 

The opening title to this is great! 

First off we are treated to something that could have jumped off an Evanescence album. 

This accompanies the scene of Jamie's street, the zooming through his bedroom window where Jamie is put to bed by a black silhouette, we can only assume is his mum. 

"sleep well Jamie" 

Suddenly the music comes to life 

And Wordworth, Jamie's dog, brings the Magic torch from under the bed, which they shine on the floor, the beam becomes a portal onto a helter skelter, which they would go down faster and faster before exiting through a tree, onto a trampoline and into Cuckoo Land. Once in Cuckoo Land Jamie might encounter one of the regulars, where the adventure would begin. 

In "The ghost of Spiny Mountain" Jamie and Wordsorth meet with Jo Jo Help the Unhelpful handymand. Jo Jo is asking for help because a ghost is coming to get him. Officer Gotcha turns up asking if they've seen a ghost... so Jamie decides to investigate, with a reluctant Wordsworth.And of course, Jamie has a magic torch, so the story will eventually unfold... no spoilers here. Not even with kids programmes.

Summary: Kids will love it, so will adults

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