Friday, 15 May 2009

Bullies don't have balls - Balls Of Steel

Advantages: None

Disadvantages: It is on television

Balls of Steel is a show which sets out to humiliate members of the public and thus advance the career of the 'comedians' that take part in the show. 

It must be great being so talented, that your last resort is to go out and about taking pot shots at members of the public, making them feel stupid, humiliated and embarrassed. 

So, you are funny, talented and have the gift of the gab. Why go making other people feel stupid? Why not use your talent and your big mouth to actually get on a stage and see if you can say something funny that doesn't involve making an idiot out of someone who is just minding their own business. 

Oh yes. I know the answer. It is because you are all a load of bullies. You see, bullying doesn't just come in the form of physical abuse, or 'traditional' verbal abuse. This 'humour' is also abusive. 

For example: 
You will have one of the female actors blatantly flirt with a woman's husband, to the point of causing divorce, only to 'fess up just before fisticuffs occur. 

What about Alex Zane's 'game show' where he makes a total mockery of the contestants. This is just not funny, in fact it doesn't even humiliate anyone that far, it just wastes the 'contestants' time. 

Then there is the annoying devil. This guy goes out in a devil costume and just does stupid annoying things like drive down a very narrow road at ten miles an hour building up a big beeping queue behind him. Not funny just stupid! 

And there are more idiots, doing idiotic acts like this 

This show is so crap! It's only saving grace is the occasions when some of the annoying twerps who make this program go out to make a mockery of celebrities. Perhaps I am being hypocritical here, but I believe that most celebrities wouldn't have got where they have without treading on a few toes, so a little payback here. 

I do have a sense of humour, but I don't like to see people being made to look stupid, unless they deserve to be taken down a peg or two. I believe though that the majority of people picked on here are just going about their own business. 

Not right!

Summary: Apparently funny show hosted by a load of bullies

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