Friday, 15 May 2009

Britain's Got talent. Simon's got dosh

Advantages: Veg out TV at its best/worst

Disadvantages: Some sad individuals get badly humiliated.

Britain's Got Talent, as its name implies is a talent show, aired on the ITV network in the UK. 

Like all talent shows, as well as talent and non-talent, it also needs presenters and judges. 

On this programme we have the much loved Ant and Dec. After all these years I don't know which one is Ant and Dec. The jusges are Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden and Piers Morgan. Simon Cowell is a mogul within the pop music industry, and depsite everyone wanting to see if he can sing and fall on his behind, he must know what he is talking about. Amanda holden is an actress whom I know very little about, except she has a slightly annoying obsession with her puppies - we are not talking pooches here. Piers Morgan is a rich tabloid villain. Simon Cowell I can understand being in the judging seat. the other two I am not so sure about. 

The auditions take place in various theatres throughout the country with a full audience. 

How this programme works is that there will be a build up to each act with pieces to camera in the holding area and interjections from Ant and Dec. We then get to see the act - they walk on stage and are asked a few short questions by the judges before doing their piece. During the piece the judges will have a chance to 'buzz' the act if they don't like it. Once all three judges buzz the act must stop. 

This is where it sometimes gets interesting. No matter how bad an act is, as a viewer, i want to see it anyway. You have to hope that one of the judges is thinking this as well. From time to time one of them will refuse to buzz and we get to see the whole act. This is not a bad thing, as some of the bad acts are actually false starts and turn into a good one.. 

The point of the programme is for Simon Cowell to make loads of money on the back of this. I expect Amanda and the already-loaded Piers are makinga few bob on the back of this too. Actually the point of the programme is supposedly to find an act for the Queen to watch. 

This is great viewing for those moments when you can't be bothered to move to do anything, that includes thinking, and for laughing at talentless people.

Summary: Typical Saturday night TV for the masses

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