Friday, 15 May 2009

Who wants to be asleep in the chair? - Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

Advantages: Witty banter (till the novelty wears off).

Disadvantages: Slow, slow, slow

Sorry. I will say it straight from the start. I cannot bear this programme. It really was good at first. I remember when it first came on our screen, everyone was raving about it. 

It gives a contestant a chance to win one million pounds! 

How it works. 

The contestant is asked a series of multiple choice questions, which get harder as they progress, the amount of money they can win progresses with each step, until the last one which is worth a million. Certain steps will be guaranteed. You have three lifeline where you can depend on the audiences choice, phone a friend or go 50-50 (two of the four choices are knocked out).

A good quiz show relies on the presentation of the questions being interesting, and the questions themselves being moderately difficult. The quiz master must also make it interesting. 

Let me say something first. This is more of a guessing game than a quiz show. What did make this programme interesting at first, but no longer for me, was Chris Tarrant's presentation. He had a great way of building up the anticipation for the audience and for the contestant. Little catchphrases like "Is that your final answer." Then he would wave a cheque in front of the contestants face with a cheery "we don't want to give you that". 

The banter was good, and that was the attraction, but with quiz shows I don't like waiting for the next question. I enjoy answering the questions not waiting for the contestant to dither over an answer, or phone a friend, or being enlightened after the break. 

I am sticking with something fast paced like University Challenge.

Summary: Once interesting concept, now slow and dull

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