Friday, 15 May 2009

You can have my last one - Nestle Rolo

Advantages: Yeah they taste great but....

Disadvantages: ...there is an odd aftertaste happening

For those not in the know, a rolo is a chocolate sweet filled with caramel. They take the form of a little cup shape sealed over with a 'lid'. 

Inside this sealed cup is filling of creamy toffee. The current pack states that this is 'new' so, I am assuming this is a new recipe - this seems to be the trend at the moment if it ain't broke try and fix it anyway. 

You get twelve in a pack. they are packed, top to tail in a rather attractive gold foil, wrapped around them to hold them in a tube shape, then around this is the distinctive paper wrapper which a is a familiar dark chocolatey colour with the red stylised 'Rolo' logo (try saying that ten times on the trot after a tipple or two). 

They have a wonderfully distinctive taste - obviously you get the chocolate first. If you are patient, the chocolate melts in your mouth and you get a lovely ooze of caramel. If you can't wait, you bite straight into it and get a wonderful combination of chocolate and caramel oozing together in your mouth. 

These are great for sitting in front of the telly, but, they don't last too long. I don't know if they come in a big bag or a box (like Maltesers for example), so if not Nestle need to address this. 

At best, this amount, twelve, is just enough to keep your cup of tea or coffee company on your afternoon break. 

As much as I like these, I find the new recipe leaves a bit of an unusual taste in the mouth afterwards, so I don't know if I will be in such a mad rush to get another tube of these. 

I would normally give these 5 stars, but the aftertaste thing is a bit odd, and it does spoil your enjoyment, so only 3.

Summary: Good with a cup of tea

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