Friday, 15 May 2009

The Clangers - No clanger dropped here

Advantages: Classic!

Disadvantages: None

The Clangers have certainly carved a little niche in the early 21st century - at least for the manufacturers of tacky gift goods that end up at the car boot sale. 

Their 'cuddle-ability' has made them a prime target for obtaining the rights to make cuddly toys from for the thirty- and forty-somethings that may have enjoyed watching the TV programme back in the day. 

The clangers are little long nosed creatures, like mice, who live on the moon - well to be more precise, they live under the surface of the moon. They enter their moon abodes through dustbin lids 

They live peaceful lives and feed on blue string pudding, and green soup collected by the soup dragon. 

The storylines revolve around the notion of curiosity, so from a child's point of view the use of empathy is apparent. The clangers don't talk! It would seem that only the producers of children's programmes understand this. They whistle to each other in an echoey voice, which however you look at it, it works. 

The production era is 1960s/1970s, so as you can expect, the narration is in BBC English. Narration is necessary - clangers don't speak - we wouldn't understand them. 

The Clangers is classic, and I hope that today's children can enjoy it.

Summary: The stuff that proper children's TV is made of

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