Friday, 15 May 2009

Tastes like paradise, feels like plastic shavings. Mars Bounty

Advantages: Great smell and flavour

Disadvantages: Coconut stuff sticks onto and betwwen your teeth.

I have had a real 'marmite' relationship with this for as early as a I can remember. 

Do you remember as a child when you would go to the sweet shop with your friend with a few pence in your pocket, or thrupence ha'penny, depending on what decade you were born in? 

Do you remember standing for hours making your mind up about what you were going to spend your coppers on? 

Inevitably you would get this sweet and your friend would get that chocolate and you would toddle off and sit somewhere and get stuck in. 

And as you were chomping on your sweeties, you realise both you and your friend are doing the same thing - you are both eyeing up each others sweeties. 

So proper buddies, being proper buddies you offer each other a bit of your sweet. 

Now I remember chewing on a Chelsea Whopper, and my friend had Bounty Bar, which he let me have a bit of. I remember as I brought this morsel up to my mouth, how delicious it smelt. 

When I got it into my gob it didn't taste too bad either. The chocolate was delightful. But, you do encounter that odd coconutty stuff in the middle. 

Now until this day I have always felt this ambiguity towards a Bounty. Much of what I enjoy food wise depends on how it smells. For me Bounty Bars have that lovely waft that you get when you open a box of chocolates. They smell really more-ish. But as soon as I start chewing on a morsel, I hit the coconut. Now in itself the taste of the coconut isn't too bad. It is the horrid indescribable texture of the stuff that puts me off. 

This stuff just stays in your teeth until you can get to a toothbrush! 

No matter how much you run your tongue around your teeth to remove it, you get to a point where you have to stick your fingers in your mouth and try to pick it out - yes gross I know, but I can't fathom out why the stuff refuses to be chewed properly and swallowed. 

I will from time to time try a Bounty Bar, because yes, I do like the smell and the taste, but it is becoming more infrequent, and more often than not i just end up leaving it. 

For taste five star. For stick coconut stuff, one star, so I will give it a midway three stars.

Summary: A snack in the past for me.

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