Friday, 15 May 2009

Jessops LCD Screen Protectors - Pure and simple solution to preventing scratched screens

Advantages: Should keep screen scratch free and might reduce the appearance of scratches

Disadvantages: Some might find them a little fiddly to apply

For months I put up with the LCD screen on my camera becoming gradually more difficult to see. The problem was this. I am a bit of a heavy duty camera user, and the LCD screen on one of my cameras became scratched and marked - I must point out that part of the problem here was down to getting the camera in and out of its tight, but protective case. It was getting scratched against the nylon inner. 

Another part of the problem was not wanting to 'interfere' with the screen, by putting something that I thought was sticky all over it. Although I had heard of these screen protectors I was reluctant to try them as I did not know what they would do in the long term. 

It eventually got very difficult to see the screen due to the scratches and the additional reflections they caused. 

I had no other choice but to try the Jessops LCD Screen Protectors. 

So I popped down to Jessops and paid £5.39 for a pack which includes three protective films measuring approx 100 by 80 mm. Eaxh film consists of a microthin transparent film with a card backing. You cut the film whilst still on the backing, so a little careful measuring of the LCD screen you will use this with, is needed. 

There are some templates for some palmtops, but if you can measure thoughtfully, and use a pair of scissors you won't have a problem. 

You are provided with a screen wipe to ensure your screen is free to take the protection. Once you have cleaned the screen, give it a few seconds to dry. Then carefully peel the backing away from the film, and by following the instructions, carefully line up the film. 'square on' ready to peel it onto the screen. 

Once you have done this, there is a stiff piece of card provided for smoothing the protection down and assisting to remove any air bubbles you might have got trapped. 

Now although I had used this as a last resort as a bit of damage limitation, I was impressed by how much this had actually improved the screen's image. The guy in the shop did mention this, which I put down to sales banter. It really did improve the situation, and although I can't say if this will improve the look of your scratched screen, it did for me. 

I have since put this protection on my mobile phone screen, and the first thing I did when I bought a pricey DSLR, was to make sure the screen was protected with this. 

I don't know at this stage if the stuff eventually peels off, and if it leaves any residue behind. I have had this on camera for about a year now and, touching the proverbial wood, all seems fine.

Summary: This is value for money

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