Friday, 15 May 2009

Birds Eye Potato Waffles They really are versatile, but I prefer them simple style

Advantages: Filling convenience snack. Frozen food so they last well.

Disadvantages: Some would argue they are neither healthy nor wholesome.

These really are versatile, but I still prefer them on their own and smothered in butter. 

What are they? 

Potato shaped into a waffle shape, which you can either fry, grill or oven bake. They don't come out so well if you are frying them. 

I prefer to do them in the oven, as they tend to warm through nicely, without getting too browned on the outside - that is they stay a light golden colour 

This is what I tend to do with these. Rather than have them as part of a meal. I will have these for my breakfast, if I am not doing the full cooked thing. Or as a suppertime snack. 

So in the morning it is butter and brown sauce. In the evening it is grated cheese on top. Absolutely piping hot, so that the cheese melts. 

At the risk of this turning into a processed food-fest, there are times when I enjoy a bit of junky instant food. One of the ways I do enjoy these as a meal is with beans and Findus Cheesey pancakes (or whoever makes them these days). That really is delicious. 

I recommend you always have a pack of these potato waffles in your freezer.

Summary: Very convenient. A simple 'filler' accompaniment.

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