Friday, 15 May 2009

Don't get it on HP. Get HP on it! - Heinz HP Sauce

Advantages: Simply delicious.

Disadvantages: None, though may be a little too sharp or tangy for some palates

There are two main competitors in the brown sauce market - HP Sauce and Daddies Sauce. 

OK they are not really competitors, as they are both owned by Heinz. 

I can't actually make up my mind if I have a preference, they are both very similar in flavour to me, but this is a review of HP, so here we go. 

In case you don't know, HP sauce is a blend of fruits and spices in a vinegary base. It is absolutely delicious. 

So how do you use it? 

Well, whatever you are eating, you put a big dollop on the side of your plate and you dip each forkful in this. 

It is a fantastic with a cooked breakfast, and great on a bacon sandwich, although I must admit that in recent years I have been enjoying my breakfast without any sauces. This actually came about in my efforts not to use as much salt in my food, I just stopped bringing condiments to the table, and have since stopped using the sauce on cooked breakfast. I can't say the same thing about my visits to the chippy! 

My favourite all time use of HP sauce is on your chip shop take-away. If you are not bringing your take-away home, you can generally get a sachet of HP at the chippy. However, I love to do that thing where you get your chip shop take-out home and plate it up. 

No matter whether it is fish and chips, battered sausage, pea fritter or just about any traditional chip shop take-out, a big splash of HP sauce is really going to get the taste buds going. 

The delicious vinegary tang and the sweetness of the fruit sounds like such an odd and unusual combination, but believe me, this is absolutely amazing.

Summary: A delicious sauce for your chip shop take-out.

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