Friday, 15 May 2009

These get top prize - Nestlé Blue Riband Chocolate Wafers

Advantages: Delicious and delicate.

Disadvantages: None

These are most definitely for me a taste of childhood. 

I had forgotten all about these until recently when I visited an older relative. You know the picture. You arrive at the house of older relatives you haven't seen for years, and they immediately mollycoddle you as if you are six years old again. 

Within two minutes of my arrival, the coffee table was adorned with the tea set, and tea was poured properly! There were 'posh' plates with a choice of biscuits and cake. 

Although my elderly auntie's was treating me like the six year old she still felt I was, what made me feel like a child again was the neatly fanned out selection of Blue Riband chocolate wafers on display. My eyes lit up! I hadn't had one of these for years and had simply forgotten about them. 

So what is a Blue Riband. It is a crisp wafer biscuit covered in milk chocolate. What I really like about these is that the wafer isn't hard and crunchy, but gently crisp. The chocolate is particularly smooth as well. 

I can't describe the flavour of these. Yes, of course, there is an overall chocolate flavour to them, but I also sense a hint of that malty flavour you get with maltesers. Whatever Nestle put in these, the flavour is distinct. 

You would be well advised to buy a couple of packets of these, especially when I am coming for tea! 

No seriously. When I have a cup of tea and a biscuit, I need to feel as if it has filled a hole. I am the type who will quite easily go through a whole packet of Rich Tea in a tea and biscuits session. 

One or maybe two of these won't fill that hole, that you get between lunch and dinner (or dinner and tea, whichever your preference).

Summary: A delicious blast to the past

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