Friday, 15 May 2009

Advantages: A great listen - especially if you like controversy.

Disadvantages: Callers are charged to call in

There is no doubt that George Galloway is one of the most controversial MPs in Britain. Not because of his expenses claims (he has none), which is very topical, but perhaps because at one end of the spectrum he is perceived as being a Saddam lover (this is untrue if Mr Galloway's writings are to believed) at the other end of the spectrum, controversial for making a fool of himself on Celebrity Big Brother, by pretending to be a cat (perhaps hence why the Top Cat theme tune at the opening of his show). 

George Galloway is a socialist and internationalist. He is sharp, a great speaker. He is at the forefront in appealing for the rights of the Palestinian - despite this he is not an anti-semite, though it may be fair to say he is anti-zionist. Being a Scottish Catholic of Irish descent, in tandem with his meetings with Saddam Hussein and his love of the Middle East, it is easy to see why some might think he is not a lover of Britain. Nothing could be further from the truth. Galloway loves this country and believes in Britain being united. 

He makes what I have said perfectly clear in one way or another on The George Galloway show on Talksport on Friday and Saturday evenings from 22:00 for three hours. 

'Gorgeous George' will set the points for discussion within the first five minutes, let it go from there and wait for the calls to come in - yes it is a phone-in show. For the next three hours you are guaranteed controversy, raised voices and some people being put in their place and their knowledge corrected. 

First time callers, women and people who disagree with him are given priority. Wome are not given priority due to any feminist agenda, just simply because there are not enough women callers. 

Calls are charged as are texts. I don't like this idea. The caller is after all providing the content for the programme - te caller should be getting paid to ring in! 

Asie from that, I really rate this show. I find George balanced and depsite being on the left, he is fair and gives the other side their say, except in the most extreme cases of stupidity. 

You can access George Galloways show Listen Again via the Video/Audio links here:

Summary: A great show for those who like to listem to a good argument

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