Friday, 15 May 2009

It is not soap - Lush Bubble Bars

Advantages: Smells nice

Disadvantages: Cost

I have often heard it said that Lush products are good enough to eat. 

Some of them definitely smell like really yummy sweet treats, whilst some others just smell too over the top and pongy. 

They are also presented rather well in the shops, often appearing as slices of cake, or cheese. 

When I first got my hands on this, my first thought was that it looked like a red cabbage which had been sliced through the middle, such was the lovely patterns swirling around. 

Now I am going to 'fess up here. I thought this was some sort of bar of soap at first and tried using it like this at first. I was wondering why it was dissolving so quickly. But it was noticed, and I was informed that you use it like a bubble bath. 

So next bath time in it went. I crumbled this under the running tap, and sure enough it did start to do the bubble bath thing. I was reminded of something, which wasn't too plain at first, but then it came to me. It smelt like a battenburg cake!! 

Well I did say Lush stuff was supposed to be good to eat! 

Now, be sure of this. You get plenty of bubbles. I am not and never have been a lover of bubble baths for one simple reason - the bubbles feel cold on my skin compared to the lovely warmth of the bath water. 

If you like your bath water an odd colour this will be a treat for you. the water goes a light shade of pink. 

The water does feel softer, and there is no mistaking - the smell is sweet and pleasant. 

If you are into having an over 'girly' bath, then you are going to enjoy this. Personally I prefer a straight-in, get well-washed, then straight-out kind of bath, but these Lush products are turning me a little. 

Now Although I was given my Lush goodies, I do know they are expensive, as I have bought them for other people. I have also seen similar products at half the price (Sainsburys Bath Eggs, for example, similar to Bath Bombs, but egg shaped and come in an egg box - nice!), which I have also bought for others, and the report back was that they were just as good as Lush. 

Whilst not directly recommending this, if you were given it as a gift, accept and enjoy. If you are buying for others, get the cheaper product and get them an extra with the difference you will save.

Summary: A pleasant bath time treat.

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