Friday, 15 May 2009

King of gems - Jacobs Iced Gems

Advantages: They are delicious.

Disadvantages: This, like loads of other products, are not very tooth friendly.

I like to write about 'blasts from the past'. 

Like most adults we don't so much forget about the stuff we enjoyed as kids, we just forget to go out and buy some. 

Well not me. I get six pack of these in a couple of times a week. 

They come in packs of six, 25 gram bags and cost about £1.40, depending where you buy them. 

When I was a child, these would be eaten as a bag of sweeties, which is essentially what they are. 

Now, as an adult, I have them as a treat with my cup of tea. 

I suppose, I ought to describe what they are. Imagine tiny little rich tea biscuits about 1.5 to 2cm across, about the same thickness as a rich tea, then topped with a little flourish of gaily coloured icing piped onto the top. This has set hard. 

I eat these like this. I break the icing off and eat the biscuity part with my tea. this leaves me with a bagful of icing, which I then eat as if it were a bag of sweeties. 

How sad is that? 

Who cares! I am enjoying them. And, yes, perhaps I am reliving a little part of my childhood. 

I don't imagine for one minute these are going to help you in the dental department, so don't forget kiddies (especially those 'kiddies' over 18) brush your teeth.

Summary: Delicious little bags of loveliness

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