Friday, 15 May 2009

How many uses for your crisps? - Walkers Ready Salted Crisps

Advantages: They are salty and crispy

Disadvantages: They are not Golden Wonder.

I stand by this - you can't beat Golden Wonder crisps - bring 'em back. But until then, we are stuck with Walkers. 

Now it is fair to say that flavoured crisps such as salt and vingar and cheese and onion really do add another dimension to the potato crisp. But there are times when you do prefer a plain crisp, or strictly speaking ready salted crisp. 

First off lets say something about these: Well they are a potato crisp with salt on and they don't taste much different from other crisps on the market. There are plenty of supermarket own brands out there, a little cheaper say, but they tend to be a little thinner, so some would say lacking in substance and with less in the pack. 

With crisps in general, I would say, with ready salted, choice is a matter of what is available to you at the time. Other than that, at the time being I will always go for a cheaper brand, but this review is for a packet of Walkers Ready Salted. 

Now I don't really enjoy ready salted on their own, I prefer a flavoured crisp, but these come into their own in the following ways. 

A crisp sandwich - 
Simplicity in itself - two slices of bread - butter - half a bag of crisps. Four slices if you want to use the whole bag up between slices. Stick a sliced boiled egg in there as well. Yum 

With salad - 
Right, I know salad is supposed to be healthy, but why put all those nasty greasy crisps in there? Simple! Because you can! Dish your salad up and on the other half of the plate bung your crisps. This makes a marvellous crunch with your lettuce. 

With chicken - hot or cold - 
I first experienced chicken with crisps ages ago. To be honest the crisps were straight out the deep fryer and made a delicious combination with the lovely spicy chicken, but it the combination isn't so bad with crisps straight out the bag either. 

So there you have it more uses for a bag of crisps than you can poke a stick at.

Summary: A reasonable alternative to Golden Wonder I suppose.

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