Friday, 15 May 2009

More depressing than Leonard Cohen (Eastenders)

Advantages: Great motivator if you can't decide whether or not to end it all.

Disadvantages: Not for those of a cheerful disposition.

We have all had to put up with this dross for nearly a quarter of a century now! 

Wow, put like that it seems like such a long time. 

I call it dross, yet from time to time I might get caught up in a story line, and sometimes it is compelling viewing. 

Over the years we have had to put up with Dirty Den's affairs, his eventual demise, no, no, no, wait a minute, he didn't really die did he? A little televisual licence and flagging viewing figures brought him back to life. 

We have had Ian Beale's whine-a-minute personality bleat on and on and on.

Speaking of Beale's, we also had that old witch Lou Beale running the rule over the Beale/Fowler family, then of course Pauline takes over her matriarchal position. No wonder Arthur went loopy with old that worn out oestrogen that he had to breathe in. 

Now the Mitchells. You have Phil and Grant, two hardmen who always get their way and don't care who gets in their way. We have seen some real nastiness from these two. Fortunately we only have to put up with one of them now - Ross Kemp, who plays Grant Mitchell made the escape to avoid being typecast to further his career by being Grant Mitchell again, but this time in documentaries about hard men stuff like gangs and the SAS - sorry Ross, you just ain't never going to shake off the ghost of Grant Mitchell - you are him! 

Good storyline from time to time, but I never watch this when I need cheering up. I would much rather see the BBC fill this with something cheerful. 

In fact when I have been watching Eastenders, afterwards I often get my copy of Leonard Cohen's Gloomy Sunday out the vinyl vault, and have a real good laugh, and realise life ain't so bad after all. 

Sorry I don't have much more to say on Eastenders, but it really does get me down

Summary: This is seriously depressing

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