Friday, 15 May 2009

What an odd name - Lidl

Advantages: Good and inexpensive food

Disadvantages: A little untidy

Wow! This place is a godsend, especially in the times where the credit is well and truly crunched! 

To get straight to the point Lidl, is another supermarket, which of course we have many competing brands throughout the UK from Sainsburys through to Tesco - there is a whole range ,catering for just about every taste and almost every level of affordability. 

Over the years many people have snubbed their noses at Lidl, perhaps because it is cheaper than the main supermarkets, perhaps because it is European in origin, perhaps because it carries a range of unfamiliar brands. 

Other reasons may be because the stores don't have the glisten and glint and the comfort of the 'in yer face' corporate image of the bigger and more established places like the Tescos of this world. 

In no way am I a snob, but when I did first set foot in a Lidl, I did think the store was a bit of a mess (although not as bad as Primark!), and this really did put me off. The thought in mind was, 'if the store is like this, what is the food going to be like'?' But I persevered, I picked up the same shopping I would have got elsewhere, albeit brands I had never heard of. 

And I will tell you what! The food is just as good as any of the brands I am familiar with, in fact I would go as fas as to say, probably better in some instances. 

Mainland Europeans do snacks like biscuits and cakes better than we get here in the UK (although nothing can ever come close to anything output by Tunnocks), so you can expect a different range of crisps and cakes. 

I reckon I save at a minimum 10% off most things I buy at lidl. 

It can be a little difficult to navigate, like I said it is not as pretty as the main supermarkets, and to be honest, now that I am used to that I quite like it. 

I haven't quite got to the point where I do my weekly shop, there. I usually go in there when I fancy something in particular. 

I think there may be a change in shopping habits while we ride out this credit crunch, and I reckon lidl will see the benefit.

Summary: A great alternative to the big boys

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