Thursday, 14 May 2009

3D Lemmings - After trying to get this to work I felt like jumping off a cliff

Advantages: Looks great

Disadvantages: Difficult to get working

This is only windows 95 compatible, so why am I writing a review of an old game? Read on. 

Lemmings is a fantastic game, and had its heyday back in the days of the commodore Amiga. So when i switched over to PC, even though I missed my daily dose of lemmings, I was too tight to buy a copy for the PC. 

However, I did happen across this 'gem' - 3d Lemmings. I snapped it up and straight home to install it. 

What a joy! NOT! 

OK partially my fault for not really understanding the requirements bit on the box - you need either a Gravis Ultrasound Card or Soundblaster. My old W95 PC has a soundblaster 'compatible' chip. It wasn't very compatible with this game. 

I did after a fashion get it up and running without any sound and although the concept is interesting - Lemmings in a 3D world - I didn't get used to the 'playability' as I found it a bit bland without the sound. 

Now I discovered last night that windows Vista allows you to play old games on it, you can set up Vista to play in old modes, such as W95, 2000, XP etc. 

I tried to get 3d Lemmings to work on my Vista machine, but no joy - I had a message that fullscreen mode was not supported - apparently a workaround that MIGHT work is to find an XP driver for your monitor/adapter. 

Too much faffing about methinks, but if anyone has success running this programme on any edition if Windows do let me know.

Summary: 5/10

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