Thursday, 14 May 2009

Are you on the fence with this? - Marmite

Advantages: Marmite tastes delicious

Disadvantages: Marmite tastes disgusting

What is marmite. It is at its simplest a sandwich spread, much favoured on hot toast. It comes in a very distinctive brown glass jar with a yellow lid. When you open the lid you will find a dark brown paste. Now if you have never heard of Marmite you may not have heard that you either love it or hate it. 

Dip something into a jar ful and have a taste, you will see why! 

Marmite has a very strong, distintive, almost salty, flavour. I think the love it or hate thing has arisen due to the fact that when people first try it, they spread it onto their toast, as if it was jam or chocolate spread. 

You must not do this with Marmite until you have acquired the taste for it! 

Marmite is indeed delicious, but you really ought to start off with it graduallly. I suggest this for the first timer. Butter your hot toast as normal, then with just the tip of your spreading knife grab a little of the marmite about the size of your pinky-nail, and distribute this over the whole slice of toast, so that with every bite you are getting just the flavour of the marmite, instead of a great glooby glop of brown muck. 

Love it or hate it? Well they say everything in moderation. start gradually with the Marmite and I really do think you will learn to love it.

Summary: A healthy sandwich spread that takes time to get to know

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