Thursday, 14 May 2009

Easter Eggs Benedict - Recipe

Advantages: Unusually tasty

Disadvantages: Hollandaise sauce can be easy to mess up

Easter Eggs Benedict 

Normally this is made with a muffin, so the inclusion of a hot cross bun instead is NOT to everyone's taste, there is rather a contrast of flavours. 

Eggs benedict is easy to make, it is the hollandaise sauce that is awkward 

You will need 

For the Hollandaise sauce 
* 4 egg yolks 
* 4 tbsp dry white wine 
* 100 g of melted butter (prefereably clarified) 
* Pinch of nutmeg 
* 1/2 tsp lemon juice 
* salt and pepper to taste 

The rest 

Per person 
* 2 eggs 
* 1 hot cross bun 
* 2 slices of bacon 
* A little vinegar 

If hot cross buns are not available, use currant buns or for those in Scotland, 2 slices of fried Clootie Dumpling per person. 

First make the hollandaise sauce 

Beat the egg yolks and wine together in a small sauepan until foamy. On a low heat beat the mix until sauce thickens. Remove from the heat and gently pour in the melted butter, almost in a trickle, and continue to whisk. Add the nutmeg, lemon juice, salt and pepper. Set aside. 

So that is the sauce. Now for the rest. 

Cut the 'tails' off the bacon and cook these to a crisp, cook the rest of the bacon as normal. Grill or fry the bacon - your choice. 
Poach the eggs, don't forget to add a little vinegar to the water, this helps bind the eggs 
While the bacon and eggs are cooking, toast the hot cross buns. 
When all is ready, butter the bun halves to your taste, add a slice of cooked bacon to each half of the bun. Place a poached egg on top. Pour on enough hollandaise sauce to coat the egg and finally, crush the crispy bacon 'tails' and sprinle over the top of the sauce. 


Summary: Not just for Easter, but any time of the year

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