Thursday, 14 May 2009

Cram them into bread (Walkers Cheese & Onion Flavour Crisps)

Advantages: Great in a crisp sandwich

Disadvantages: Not quite up to Golden Wonder in flavour

Walkers crisps aren't my favourite. I have made it very clear in another review I wrote, as to what my favourite brand of crisps are. However most of the time Walkers are the most available brand and this is often the only choice I have. The cheese and onion is my favourite out of the walkers range of standard crisp snacks. In fact, to the point where I very rarely buy any other walkers flavour, except when I am buying the various flavour multi packs. Now I sound as if I am doing Walkers down, but as I have mentioned, they are not my favourite brand. They can of course be enjoyed on their own, but this is the way I like to enjoy walkers crisps. Get yourself a cup of tea and two slices of granary bread, butter the bread and CRAM the whole bag of crisps onto the bread, put the top slice on and CRUSH. The trick now is to keep as few crumbs as possible from going on the floor and get them in your gob! Delicious!

Summary: A good alternative to Golden Wonder

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