Thursday, 14 May 2009

Weetabix A simple and healthy breakfast

Advantages: Healthy and will keep you going.

Disadvantages: You can't eat them 'dry' from the packet.

If you have never heard of Weetabix before, it is a high fibre, wheat based cereal food, generally eaten for breakfast, although loved by millions as an in-between meals filler. 

Unlike 'loose' type cereals, such as corn flakes, rice crispies etc, these are in the form of wheat 'biscuits' about 3.5 by 1.5 inches and just less than an inch thick, with rounded corners. 

At their most basic, they are served with milk and generally with sugar as well. Although I used the term 'biscuit' to describe the shape, only the hardiest of mouths would eat one of these plain, they are very dry to say the least - I have heard of people who eat these with jam and butter, but c'mon - eeughh. Milk is essential! 

One is sufficient, two is just nice and three of these really will set you up till lunchtime (or breakfast time, if you like a late-night bit of cereal based supper). 

If you are one of those people, who, when eating cereal, like to have a little bit of milk left at the end to sup from the bowl, (yes it sounds undignified, but people do this), forget it! Weetabix will soak up every last drop of milk you put into that bowl. 

In the summer, these are best served with cold milk straight from the fridge, but in the winter months, they really do come into their own when served with hot milk. Either heat the milk up first and add to the cereal, or dunk the cereal and mik in to a bowl or saucepan (depending if you are using a hob or microwave) then heat through gently. You will be left with a most delicious mush of wheat. Again sugar is a must when you are having it winter style, to add to the comfort factor. 

You must also try weetabix with fresh fruit, such as berries - I don't recommend citric type fruits or even apples and pears, as I imagine it would spoil the milk. My most favourite fruit with weetabix (in fact any cereal) is slices of banana - the banana needs to be one of those yellow and black ones, not the ones tinged with green, as when the bananas have a little black on them the sweetness has developed. Speaking of sweetness you might also like to try a tablespoonful of jam or honey, though if you are heating the cereal up, be careful, jam can hold a LOT of heat and burn your mouth. 

Unless you have any sort of wheat allergy, you cannot argue that this is one of the most healthiest breakfast options around. 

Oh and just as an afterthought, if you are one of those who sups the last milk from the cereal bowl, I mentioned earlier, I don't recommend this at the breakfast table, when you have had Claudia Schiffer/George Clooney as an overnight guest - unless of course they do it first 

Summary: A delicious VFM breakfast meal or anytime snack.

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