Thursday, 14 May 2009

Flexible stuff in many senses. - Bostik Blu Tack

Advantages: Has many uses beyond the obvious

Disadvantages: None really - it does what it is supposed to - and more.

What I love most about Bostik Blu Tack is its flexibility - no pun intended -but more of that later. 

If you have been on Mars since the nineteen-seventies, you might not know what Bostik Blu Tack is. 

In a nutshell it is a gooey, putty like substance used for semi-permanently (if there is such a thing) fixing posters and such like to walls - essentially a substitute for drawing pins, where it is most useful in situations where the wall is too hard for a drawing pin to penetrate. It comes in a flat slab about 6 by 4 inches, sandwiched between what appear to be two sheets of greaseproof paper, and ultimately stored in the cardboard envelope it is supplied. Essentially to use for its widest known purpose you get a small blob about the size of a marble, divide this into four equal parts, roll them into small balls, stick one to each corner of the poster on the side to be fixed to the wall. Position the poster and press the corners where the blu-tack is against the wall and - hey presto! 

But what about this flexibility? 

Well not only will it put up posters, you can also use it for holding up birthday cards, christmas decorations (not too heavy mind!), maps, messages - you get the idea now. 

As well as holding things up, you can use it for keeping things down. Put a small blob of it under your desktop calculator for example and you stop it from slipping around when you bang on the keys. 

You can also help to keep the screw on a screwdriver, and it helps to keep things in place for hobbies and crafts. 

You can use it for picking up lots of small things, like beads, in fewer goes. You can use it as a makeshift lid or cap. It can help to remove labels. Use your imagination. 

Check to see if you have any in a drawer at home. If not I recommend you get some when you are next out.

Summary: A consumable that no home or office should be without

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