Thursday, 14 May 2009

A joy to use (cringe) Saitek ST290 Pro joystick

Advantages: Has everything you will need for good basic flight simming

Disadvantages: None for the price

There isn't really much to say about this joystick. This is not a bad thing. The reason being is that it is a good honest and simple joystick. This review will only be in relation to using the stick with flight sims. So the stick part itself has the traditional North South East West axis thing going on - in other words point your plane up or down or lean it left or right. There is a twist grip which allows you to use your aircrafts rudders. There is a decent throttle control, which is responsive across its travel - other joysticjs I have 'flown' with have only made a differnce when over halfway past their travel. There are 6 buttons (or five if you count the 'trigger' as a separate device - that is usually used as a brake in traditional flight sims), which can be used for trimming the aircraft and perhaps stuff like lowering your undercarriage etc your flight sim software, might be pre-configured for this or you may be able to assign the buttons yourself, and finally there is a 'hat' controller which allows you to look in eight directions. One of the beautys of this 'stick is the wrist rest, which is adjustable to your comfort. 
Worth the money ar under £20

Summary: A good honest basic flight sim joystick that takes care of the basics

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