Thursday, 14 May 2009

Smashing! - Smash Instant Mashed Potato

Advantages: Quick easy comfort food

Disadvantages: Not to everyone's taste

I like food. I like to eat. I enjoy cooking to a degree, but when I am really hungry I really do enjoy some of the worst foods ever put on this planet. Now don't get me wrong, Smash instant potato is rather good, but its not a real potato, but then again a real potato takes a long time to cook. This is definitely the next best thing. 

Now like the proper potato, Smash is actually quite versatile. 

It is so simple to make. You basically pour the amount you want into a bowl and add water - the amount you pour in amounts to a little less than what you end up with after the water is added. 

Thankfully it is not too salty - not because I don't like salt, but because I think the consumer should be he one to decide how much salt is needed. 

Now once you have poured the amount in you add boiling water a little at a time amd fork through it THOROUGHLY, to make sure all the powder is dissolved. When it looks like the sort of smash you enjoy (some like it smoothm some like it crumbly), it is ready to eat. 

Stir brown sauce through it, or finely chop an onion or better still syboes (spring onions) through it. 

This is a great instant winter warmer. 

Oh I forgot to mention, Tescos are doing the an Onion variety for only 10 pence a bag at the moment

Summary: As tasty as you make it

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