Thursday, 14 May 2009

Why not try at Christmas - Christmas Shopping Websites in general

Advantages: Buyers reap the seller's savings in listing fees. Google Checkout payment system is allowed.

Disadvantages: It is still growing so can be a little limited on products

Why not try for your Christmas shopping this year? 

ebid dot what??? I hear you say. is an online auction or Buy Now site. 

It has been in existence for about ten years now, but has never really had the exposure it deserves because of the stranglehold that sites such as ebay or Amazon have had. is now a quickly growing online buying and selling resource. 

Ironically much of its growth is down to its biggest competitor, ebay, moving its own goalposts. This is a review of, but a little background on the ebay situation is needed here to understand's recent success. In short ebay had been making it more difficult for a particular level of trader and buyer to use the site, mainly in part to increased sellers fees (which increases end-buyers' costs), an unfair balance in how feedback is left and the inability for buyers to pay using Google Checkout. 

For those that don't know, Google Checkout is an excellent payment system, that allows simple online payment across a big range of online websites, and sellers really do relish offering this payment method to its customers, unlike ebay who have banned it - many suspect this ban is because Google Checkout is a direct competitor to the ebay owned Paypal. 

The end result of these changes in ebay has resulted in large numbers of its sellers moving over to - this is why many former ebay buyers have not been able to find their favourite product or seller on ebay in recent months, and many of these buyers have simply followed their favourite seller over to ebid. 

It would be fair to say from a buyers point of view that is not much different from ebay. Well what you need to consider as a buyer is that is very pro-active in vetting its users, which means you are less likely to get scammed, and also in general looking after the site and its users interests. If you do have a query, you will get personal service, and as far as I am aware this will be from the owner's of the site. is very different from ebay on a lot of levels. 

Many of the sellers on are disgruntled ex-ebay sellers, who need to make the ebid community work, so they work together to ensure that customers get the best out of ebid and they are in constant contact with the owner's who LISTEN to what their community has to say. also has an excellent users community forum, which is a great place to discuss ebid in particular and anything in general. The beauty of this forum is that the owners constantly monitor this forum for ways in which ebid can be improved. 

Ebid has no listing fees for its sellers which means they can keep costs down for its buyers. There are a number of selling levels which dictate whether a seller has any final value fees to pay. Again this keeps costs down for sellers, which keeps costs down for buyers. 

I know for many people change is difficult, over the years you have been used to using the 'brand leader' of online buying. But now you are aware that there is another kid on the block, why not give a try for your Christmas shopping this year?

Summary: An excellent alternative to ebay with a better range of payment facilities.

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