Thursday, 14 May 2009

Doritos and Chilli Con Carne (Doritos Extreme Chilli Heatwave)

Advantages: totally delicious

Disadvantages: make a mess of your fingers

You will never eat another brand or flavour of mexican corn snack once you have tasted these. I just can't let go of these. Nothing else matters when it comes to a similar snack. 
They are great just straight out of the bag. 
They really do the trick when you have a dip with them, not just the typical mexican salsa dip, but practically any dip will do. I like those 4 in one plastic tray dips you get in most supermarkets, with cheese & chive, Garlic, Onion, and thousand island. 
But I will tell you when these hot doritis really come into their own - when you are sitting in front of the telly with a steamong great bowl of chilli con carne and white rice. Don;t even attempt to use a knife, fork or spoon to eat the chilli - that is what these doritos are for. They are a perfect little ashovel shape for gathering the lovely chilli up and sticking it in your gob! 

Oh yum

Summary: Work best with a bowl of hot chilli

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