Thursday, 14 May 2009

Good quality fast food - Burger King

Advantages: It does what you expect

Disadvantages: None really

I generally don't eat here because it is a wee bit pricey compared to the similar service offered by McDonalds. But taking things into perspective, I am a firm believer in the old saying "you get what you pay for" and Burger King is no exception here. All of their range is far superior to anything similar offered by Mcdonalds, and in some instances nearly twice the price. 

Burger King's basic burger is far superior to McD's, it is thicker for a start and much tastier. Now as for the fries - Burger King changed thier fries recipe a number of years ago and I just did not like what they had done, but I am used to them now. I wouldn't compare them to McDs because they are, in my mind, 
a different product alltogether. I like McDs fries for what they are and I like BKs fries for what they are. It is like comparing Guiness and Stella - both are 'beers' but totally different. 

So in terms of fast food, when I am faced with a choice of only McD and BK when I am starving and can't wait, and I have more than just a few quid in my pocket BK is the one.

Summary: Bearing in mind it is fast food, it is good quality

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