Thursday, 14 May 2009

not good value at any cost. - Tesco Value Unsmoked Back Bacon

Advantages: it is food

Disadvantages: it is not nice food

I may be a little biased in this review in the fact that I find smoked bacon far superior and tasty than its plain unsmoked cousin, however I can at a push eat unsmoked. 

I find unsmoked goes better if you are having it with something with a fruity taste to it, for example it is nice with rings of pineaple on toast, or in the classic ham and pineapple pizza. Alright I know some people will argue that if it is HAM and pineapple you should use HAM rather than BACON. So we will call it a bacon and pineapple pizza. 

Another place I like the bacon/ham and pineapple combination is on a baked potato. 

So money being tight at the moment I though I would give this 
Tesco Value Unsmoked Back Bacon a try. 

No No No! Never agian. 

I really disliked this, the taste was bland and the meat seemed much tougher than bacon normally does. There was a pretty high fat content and the size of the meat halved when applied to any heat, grilled or fried. 

I didn't try, but it would probably be allright smothered in Brown Sauce, but I wasn't going to risk wasting any brown sauce. 

I am a fan of value food, but this bacon certainly was not good value at any cost.

Summary: avoid this and buy some fruit

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